From routine screenings to the most complex antibody investigations, Memorial Blood Centers delivers the professional expertise and quality products hospitals and blood centers across the country need to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients. Recognized as an industry leader for the discovery of multiple new blood group antigens, our AABB-accredited Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) provides: 

  • Expert transfusion support and consultation, available 24/7 
  • A comprehensive offering of testing services 
  • Training and staff development support

With a team of laboratory staff members certified as specialists in blood banking (SBB), customer support is available from highly-trained lab technologists, with on-call technologists available after-hours and on holidays. 

Memorial Blood Centers is an accredited partner of the American Rare Donor Program.

  • ABO, Rh, and Antibody Screening 
  • HDN Evaluation (mother and infant) 
  • Platelet Compatibility 
  • Platelet Crossmatching 
  • HLA-matched (Human Leukocyte Antigens) Platelets 
  • Kleihauer-Betke (testing for fetomaternal hemorrhage) 
  • Donath-Landsteiner Testing 
  • Sickle Cell Screening 
  • Antigen Typing (on all antigen-negative red blood cell units) 
  • Antibody Identification and Red Cell Crossmatching 

Antibody Identification is routinely performed using polyethylene glycol (PEG) as an enhancement media. When identification is complete, hospitals receive verbal reports promptly; final reports are faxed as soon as possible following the completion of testing. 

How do I request testing from the Immunohematology Reference Laboratory?
Download the Request for Reference Lab Testing Order Form. As the requesting hospital or blood bank, complete this form in detail and submit it to the Memorial Blood Centers Reference Laboratory, along with each specimen to be tested. For patient/donor samples sent via external carrier, enclose the original form with your order and, in addition, fax a copy of your request to the Lab at 651-332-7008.

How do I order HLA-matched or HPA-1a negative platelets?
The Request for Reference Lab Testing Order Form is used to order platelets. In the “Test Requested” section, under “Other”, please specify the type of platelets you are ordering. Please fax a copy of your request to the Lab at 651-332-7008. A Memorial Blood Centers lab technologist will call you to verify your order.

What type of sample is acceptable and volume needed for testing?
Requirements vary by the type of test being performed and are detailed on the Request for Reference Lab Testing Order Form. Please refer to the Specimen Requirements section of this form for information.

What is the difference between STAT, ASAP, and routine testing?

  • STAT testing should be requested when a patient transfusion is needed emergently.
  • ASAP testing should be requested when a patient is waiting for transfusion but the situation is not life-threatening.
  • Routine orders will be processed as time allows.

Place an order:
Fax your completed Request for Reference Lab Testing Form to 651-332-7008.

Request information:

  • Maisee Her, Manager, Immunohematology Reference Lab
  • Contact a member of the IRL staff for general information at 651-332-7125

Hours of operation:
The Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) is fully staffed from 11:00 pm Sunday through 11:00 pm Friday and can be reached at 651-332-7125. For after-hours requests, call Memorial Blood Centers at 651-332-7108 and ask to be connected to the Reference Lab on-call technologist.

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