Licensed by the FDA, Memorial Blood Centers’ advanced laboratory facilities and expert staff provide a comprehensive menu of screening and confirmatory testing services to help ensure a safe and stable blood supply that protects donors and recipients. 

Donor Screening Assays
HBsAgHIV Ag/Ab Combo
Anti-HTLV I/IIChagas
Syphilis ScreenAnti-CMV (Total)
ABO/Rh Unexpected Red Cell Antibody Screen
Multiplex (HIV/HCV/HBV) NAT PCR West Nile Virus NAT
Babesia NAT

Confirmatory/supplemental testing is also available on select screening tests listed above, including:

HBsAg ConfirmatoryHTLV Blot 2.4
Ortho-HCVAbbott ESA Chagas
CAPTIA - Syphilis (T. Pallidum)-GGeenius HIV 1/2

How do I request testing services from the Donor Testing Department?

All new customers must first establish an account with Memorial Blood Centers. To set up an account, please contact Mark Janzen, Vice President of Laboratory Services, 651-332-7106 or Aelgifa Kehr, Donor Testing Director, 651-332-7122

Where can I find a complete list of testing services and any specific requirements?

Memorial Blood Centers’ Testing Catalog contains detailed information on the various tests available through the Donor Testing Laboratory, including storage instructions, assigned CPT codes, shipping requirements, etc.

Which test kits are used for donor screening?

Memorial Blood Centers uses FDA-approved screening kits for testing. A Complete Listing with details regarding manufacturer, format, sample, and platform is available.

How soon will my blood donor test results be available?

Turnaround time is typically 14 –18 hours, depending on the shipping and delivery method selected.

When is staff available to answer my questions?

Support is available 24/7. The Donor Testing Department is staffed seven days a week, from 2:00 PM Sunday through 6:00 AM Sunday, with on-call support staff available during additional Sunday hours.

What are the costs of testing?

Fees for testing vary, based on volume discounts we receive from suppliers, which we pass on to you. For a specific price quote, please contact Mark Janzen, Vice President of Laboratory Services, at 651-332-7106.

Please complete the Donor Testing Lab Request Slip to request a testing order. To submit, please print the completed form and include with your samples. Mail to: 

Memorial Blood Centers, Donor Testing Laboratory
737 Pelham Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55114

Please call:

Donor Testing Laboratory


Additional Information
Fax Number: 651.332.7005

To request information about pricing or account setup, contact: