URGENT NEEDfor Type O.Can you help?


For our community

When you give blood, you give hope to hospital patients in our community.


Play a critical role in the community

Cancer patients, trauma victims, and critically ill newborns depend on a stable blood supply.


Partnering to develop the next generation of leaders

More than 100 schools participate in our High School Program to build skills and earn scholarship funds.

This is the state of giving

Give blood in November for a chance to win Minnesota Wild tickets!

Help save lives

Give to the Max Day!

Support Memorial Blood Centers during Give to the Max Day, Minnesota’s single largest day of giving in November.

KDWB Jingle Ball Blood Drive

Donate blood with Memorial Blood Centers at the KDWB Jingle Ball Blood Drive and you could win Jingle Ball tickets. Winners drawn every 30 minutes!

Host a Blood Drive

When you partner with Memorial Blood Centers as a blood drive sponsor, you help save and sustain lives right here at home.

Type O- Blood

O negative is the universal blood type, which means it can be given to anyone in need like trauma victims or preemie babies.

System Upgrade Changes

What to expect at your next donation, including a mobile-friendly iDonate!



Save time and complete your health history questionnaire on the day of your donation from the privacy of your home or office.


Are you ready to help save lives?

38% of the U.S. population are eligible to give blood, yet only 7% do.



Join our mission of saving lives.