Just in time for National Blood Donor Month, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has declared January 2023 as Blood Donor Month in the state of Minnesota. This move signals recognition of the ongoing need for donated blood, and an opportunity to thank the eligible donors who give. 

In 1969, President Richard Nixon declared that every January would be recognized as National Blood Donor Month. National Blood Donor Month is an opportunity to honor voluntary blood donors and encourage other eligible donors to give. Governor Walz’s proclamation signals Minnesota’s continuing support of National Blood Donor Month and what the role of a stable supply of blood has in ensuring continuing public health needs are met. 

“Memorial Blood Centers is thrilled that our great state joins the nation in thanking blood donors and encouraging support for blood donation—not only this month, but throughout the year as well,” said Kathy Geist, vice president of operations.

For many in our community, blood donation has meant the difference between life and loss. It takes a stable supply of blood given by eligible donors to ensure local hospitals have the life-saving blood needed for transfusions. While not everyone is eligible to donate blood, everyone may someday need it.

“From mothers who have just given birth, to cancer patients receiving treatment, to victims of trauma and burns, the need for blood is something we all have in common,” said Dr. Jed Gorlin, medical director. 

Consider making blood donation part of your new year. Schedule an appointment to donate, recruit an eligible friend or family member, or spread the word of the need for blood. While the need for blood is constant, the supply is not. 
Schedule online at mbc.org/donate or call 888.GIVE.BLD (888.448.3253).