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By Kendall Jerboe

IRON RIVER, WI . (KBJR) – KinsLee and Rila Polson do everything together.

At the energetic age of four, these twins keep their parents Rick and KayLa busy.

The sisters lived a normal life until last summer when KinsLee started feeling sick.

“She started complaining of some really bad leg pain,” KayLa said. “She was limping. She was refusing to walk. She was doing a lot of crawling and wanted to be held.”

Doctors could not find anything wrong on the outside, but on the inside KinsLee’s blood counts were low.

She was taken to the oncology unit at Essentia Health.

“On September 8, they came back with a confirmation that it was leukemia (ALL),” KayLa said.

Chemo started right away, and KinsLee has been in and out of the hospital ever since.

That has made for a lot of days apart from her sister and a new normal for young KinsLee.

Since treatment began, KinsLee has received 16 different blood transfusions.

Her mom said having available blood literally saved her life.

“You don’t know how important it is until it’s your three-year-old that is in need of the blood to save her life,” KayLa said.

After months of treatment, KinsLee is back home taking oral chemo and keeping track of her blood counts.

Despite the progress, even a slight fever sends them back to the hospital.

“They say that she should be okay,” her mom said. “We shouldn’t run into too many complications. There isn’t a lot that we should need to worry about, but every time that’s been the case, we hit that road bump.”

KinsLee is nearing the end of the intensification phase of her treatment and is about to enter the maintenance phase.

Life is still unpredictable for the Polsons, but they are strong, determined, and together no matter what.

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