Memorial Blood Centers is seeking participants for research studies that support our mission of saving lives through blood donation. We are proud to provide biomedical expertise and consultation to a variety of organizations in order to help advance the scientific study of infectious diseases and the development of life-saving medicines and blood products.

Research Donation FAQ

Research donors help save lives. Volunteers who participate in research studies ultimately contribute to the health and well-being of countless others. Without research study participants, future advancements in medicine wouldn’t be possible.

Participants will be asked to donate blood samples or components (such as whole blood, plasma, or platelets), and will be compensated for their time. Donation will take place at our St. Paul donor center, conveniently located near the U of M Twin Cities campus, close to the Green Line’s Raymond Avenue station.

Requirements vary for each study. If you are deferred from donating blood for non-medical reasons such as travel, you may still be eligible to participate in a research study. To confirm eligibility, you must make a voluntary donation with Memorial Blood Centers at any donor center or blood drive (if you haven’t already) before participating in a research study.

If you, your family, or friends would like to donate blood for research, please call us at 651-332-7135 or send us an email.

Active Research Studies

Memorial Blood Centers is currently working with researchers at local universities and medical device companies to improve patient care. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this study.