Join the exclusive Summer Lifesavers club!

Summer lifesavers is an exclusive program for high school blood donors to step up during summer vacation and make a specialty donation of platelets. Platelets help save and sustain the lives of cancer, transplant, and trauma patients and only have a shelf life of 7 days. There are many reasons to join this lifesaving club:

  • Earn volunteer/community service hours to include on your college applications and job resume
  • Each time you donate between June 1 – August 31, you’ll be entered in to win special gifts exclusive to Summer Lifesavers
  • Each time you donate, you’ll earn points to spend in the Memorial Blood Centers loyalty store

How can I qualify?
You must be 17 or older to donate blood, or 16 with a signed parental consent form. You must also meet blood donation eligibility guidelines.

Here’s how to find out if you are eligible to donate platelets:

  1. At your next blood donation, ask for your platelet count to be tested.
  2. Once your platelet count has been tested, we’ll contact you to let you know you’re eligible and to schedule your first platelet donation.

We challenge you to donate platelets once a month (3 times during the summer). However, platelets can be donated every seven days, allowing you lots of opportunities to earn service hours and make a difference in patients’ lives!

Where can I give?
Find a donor center near you! You can donate platelets at the following donor centers:

  • Coon Rapids
  • Eden Prairie
  • Plymouth
  • Richfield
  • St. Paul
  • Duluth

Want to learn more?
Contact Nicole, 612.849.3735, with any questions. We can’t wait for you to join Summer Lifesavers!

  • Platelets are tiny cells that help blood clot. They are vital for many patients, including leukemia patients, transplant recipients, and accident victims.
  • Donated platelets only last 7 days, and the supply must be continually replenished by volunteer donors. Your body makes new platelets in just 24 hours. You can donate platelets every 7 days, up to 24 times a year.
  • Read about lives saved thanks to platelet donations like Jaela, a hockey player at Blaine High School
  • Learn more about Platelet Donations
  • Depending on your blood type and where the need is greatest, you can provide more of the life-saving blood patients need by making a specialty donation of platelets.
  • Blood types A, B, and AB are especially needed for platelet donations.
  • In one platelet donation, you can give up to 6 times the amount of platelets in a whole blood donation. Many donors feel better after donating platelets than after donating whole blood, because red blood cells and plasma are returned to your body.
  • Platelet donation is generally better for athletes than donating whole blood, because you don’t lose any red blood cells. This means that your hemoglobin level won’t drop, and your performance won’t be affected as much after donating platelets. Athletes are among the healthiest people in our community, which makes them great candidates for donating blood – including platelets.
  • If summer is your off-season, that’s even better! We recommend that blood and platelet donors avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after donating. Some athletes choose to donate on a recovery day or during their off-season.
  • Review MBC’s blood donation eligibility guidelines.
  • Be aspirin free for at least 48 hours.
  • Get a solid night’s sleep before donating.
  • Save time at your donation by completing iDonate ahead of time on the day of your donation.
  • Eat a full meal within 6 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Make sure your system is fully hydrated. Drink 16 ounces or more just prior to donating and plenty of fluids for the remainder of the day.
  • Bring a valid ID
  • After donating, please spend at least 15 minutes in the café area.
  • If you donate blood or platelets regularly, it’s best to take a daily low dose of iron, such as an iron supplement or a multivitamin that contains iron. Taking a low dose over time is the best way to replace iron lost through regular blood and platelet donation.

You can still help this summer by giving whole blood at a donor center or blood drive. Shortages of blood often occur during the summer, and the need for donors is always great.

Yes! Find out if you’re eligible by asking to have your platelet count tested at your next blood donation, or contact Tessa Odegaard at 651.443.1538.

Learn more about Platelet Donations

Summer Lifesavers can earn exclusive giveaways and donor loyalty points for repeat donations! Due to the very short shelf life, platelet donors are constantly needed.