Save Time at Your Donation!

Memorial Blood Centers’ iDonate makes it easy and convenient for you to complete your health history questionnaire online on the day of your donation.  

Every donor completes the health history questionnaire at every donation, either using iDonate ahead of time or at the time of donation. This helps ensure the safety of the blood supply—to protect you, the donor, as well as the recipient of your generous gift. By reviewing and answering questions online ahead of time, you’ll save time during your donation. You are encouraged to make an appointment prior to completing iDonate.

  • Must be completed on the day of your donation, and responses are only valid on the day the questionnaire is completed.
  • Does not save answers. You must show your iDonate receipt to your Donor Specialist at the time of donation.
  • Does not determine eligibility. A Donor Specialist will review your health history at the time of donation.
  • Does not allow you to save and return later to complete it. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • Responses are kept confidential, and questions should be answered honestly and accurately.

Ready to begin iDonate℠?  

Click the I VERIFY button to acknowledge the following statements:

  1. You are donating blood today.
  2. You are answering the questions without input from anyone else.