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iDonate™ FAQ

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  • What is iDonate™?

  • How does it work?

  • How far in advance can I complete my health history questions using iDonate™?

  • What are the benefits of using iDonate™?

  • Are the responses kept confidential?

  • What equipment is needed to use iDonate™?

  • What types of software and web browsers are compatible with iDonate™?

  • What are the technical requirements and limitations?

  • What if I can’t access iDonate™ from my work computer?

  • Will I have to answer the questions again when I arrive to donate?

  • What if I answer a question incorrectly?

  • What if I’m not sure how to answer a question?

  • Am I required to answer my health history questions using iDonate™?

  • Does iDonate™ ask different questions than a typical health history interview?

  • What if I lose my donor receipt?

  • What if I am unable to make my appointment after I have completed iDonate™?

  • Why do I have to answer health history questions every time I donate?