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Enhanced technology provides you with convenience and privacy

An important step in the donation process is a health history assessment to help ensure the safety of our blood supply and to protect you, the donor, as well as the recipient of your generous gift. In a confidential interview typically conducted by a Memorial Blood Centers Collections Specialist, your answers to a series of questions help determine your eligibility to become a blood donor.

At Memorial Blood Centers, you can complete the required health history interview independently and in private on the day of your donation using the latest computer-assisted self interview technology: iDonate™. Whether you are making a donation at a community blood drive or at one of our 10 Donor Centers, iDonate™ provides:

  • Easy-to-follow audio reading of questions 
  • Ability to review or change answers
  • Option to skip and review answers with a Collections Specialist

Please see the FAQ for important information on technical requirements and limitations, including browser type and necessary software and hardware.

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