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  • Do you have an information packet for me to read?

    This website is chock full of information about Memorial Blood Centers and our legacy of saving lives in the community. On the website you can learn about the hospital partners and other clients we serve; and about our work in the community with businesses, schools, and community organizations to connect the volunteer donors who give blood to those in need of their life-saving gift. In addition, check out the special links throughout the volunteer section for specific details about volunteering, including descriptions of the volunteer positions available and criteria for participation. To begin the process of volunteering, please complete and submit the Volunteer Application. More information about becoming a valuable Memorial Blood Centers volunteer will be provided at a subsequent Volunteer Orientation session or upon request by contacting Volunteer Services.

  • What do volunteers do?

    As a Memorial Blood Centers volunteer, you will work as part of our staff helping to build and support relationships with donors, hospitals, and blood drive sponsors. A description of Volunteer Opportunities is provided here, along with criteria for participation. There are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute if you are available to provide regularly-scheduled ongoing assistance, weekly or monthly. However, if you’re available periodically—for special events like health fairs—we work to accommodate your schedule and talents.

  • How many hours a week and on what days would I be expected to volunteer?

    Depending on the position, volunteering at Memorial Blood Centers can be very flexible. We expect volunteers to communicate with us regularly regarding their availability and to participate as you are able. Requirements of many volunteer opportunities vary widely—e.g., location, time, and duration—and we make every effort to match your talents and schedule with the volunteer needs we have at any given time.

  • How long of a commitment would I be asked to make?

    We ask that volunteers commit to at least 20 hours of service over a six month period.

  • What qualifications are required?

    You must be 16 years of age or older. Particular positions require additional qualifications, such as Blood Transport Drivers, and some volunteers are subject to background checks and additional screenings.

  • Is training provided?

    Yes. Initial hands-on training with experienced Memorial Blood Centers staff and fellow volunteers helps provide you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to be a successful volunteer. Each volunteer is thoroughly trained to perform the tasks required for any position they are asked to take on.

  • Are there any costs involved?

    Volunteers are asked to provide their own transportation to and from their volunteer work site. When volunteering at a community blood drive where free parking is not available, parking fees will be reimbursed.

  • Is there a dress code?

    As a representative of Memorial Blood Centers, you will be interacting with the community and providing a personal service to our clients and donors on our behalf. Appropriate dress is required. Specific attire required for various volunteer opportunities is specified in the position description.

  • Who would be my supervisor?

    You will initially work directly with Phil Losacker, Volunteer Services Manager at Memorial Blood Centers for orientation and to determine your assignment. Training, project supervision and direction will then be provided by a department manager or designee.

  • Would records be kept on the service I provide?

    Yes. You will be provided with periodic updates on hours of service you have contributed to Memorial Blood Centers.

  • How are young people involved in the volunteer program?

    Students age 16 and over make up almost 15% of our blood donors! In addition, student leaders often organize and run blood drives at their schools or through organizations to which they belong. Opportunities also are available for young people interested in exploring Service Learning projects or volunteering as part of a class requirement. Please inquire by contacting Volunteer Services