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Host a Donor Day

Donor Day celebrations provide a unique opportunity to bring together a group of people to donate blood at Memorial Blood Centers donor centers. These events are a great way to celebrate a special occasion, give back to the community, or honor a special person in your life.

Donor Days can be a great alternative to holding a blood drive, if you have a group interested in donating blood together. Depending on your group size, your Donor Day can take place over a few hours in one day, over a few days, or even the course of a month. Make your Donor Day unique by bringing decorations or treats, such as cake or balloons.

The process is easy

Memorial Blood Centers will help you through the simple process of planning your Donor Day.

  1. Gather a group of donors who are committed to giving blood at your Donor Day.
  2. Select your preferred date(s) and donor center location.
  3. Schedule your group appointments with a Donor Day respresentative, preferably at least two weeks ahead of your preferred date.
  4. Make your Donor Day unique by bringing decorations or treats, such as cake or balloons!

Your group will receive its own unique giving code—be sure to share this code with your group so they add it to their donor profile. This giving code help keep track of your donor day’s success!

Get Started

New: "Count Me In"

“Count me in” is going paperless! Now your donors can assign themselves your event-specific code in their Hero Hub account so you can track how many generous friends and family gave in honor of your donor day, donor week, or donor month. Your Account Manager will help you set up this code and communicate instructions to donors.

Learn more

  • Call us at 888.448.3253 and ask to speak with the Donor Day respresentative to learn more and to schedule your Donor Day.
  • Donor Day Brochure

Please note: Memorial Blood Centers is taking additional precautions at all donation sites to ensure the safety of donors and staff, including a COVID-19 self-screening policy. We ask that all donors schedule appointments ahead of time, and donor beds may be spaced out to comply with social distancing. Learn more

Donor Day FAQ

  • What donation types are available at a Donor Day?

    Whole Blood and Double Red Cell donations, which provide twice the amount of lifesaving red cells in a single donation, are available. A whole blood donation typically takes 30-45 minutes, and the actual time spent donating is usually 15 minutes or less. A double red cell donation can take 45-60 minutes. Learn how to maximize the impact of your donation by giving the right type for your type.

  • How many people do I need to schedule a Donor Day?

    A Donor Day can include 5-20 donors.

  • How long will a Donor Day last?

    Depending on the size of your group, your Donor Day can take place in one day over a few hours, or over the course of a week. Most groups schedule a Donor Day for two to three hours.

  • Can everyone in my group donate at the same time?

    Each donor is scheduled for specific time slots, which are usually set 10 minutes apart. In some instances, there will be opportunities for multiple donors to give at or near the same time. Before and after your donations, your group is free to relax and hang out with each other in the waiting and café areas.

  • Do I have to make appointments?

    In order to handle larger groups of donors, we encourage you to make your appointments ahead of time. Walk-ins are allowed, but scheduling your group’s appointments in advance will help ensure plenty of time for a smooth donation experience for everyone.

  • How can I let my friends and family know about the Donor Day?

    Social media is a great tool to recruit your family and friends. We are happy to provide you with materials that you can share with your own network of friends to help recruit.