URGENT NEEDfor all blood types, especially Type O.Can you help?

Host a Donor Day

Donor Day celebrations bring together a group of people to donate blood at a Memorial Blood Centers donor center. These events are a great way to celebrate a special occasion, give back to the community with your organization or business, or honor a special person in your life.

Donor Days can be a great alternative to holding a blood drive, if you have a small group interested in donating blood together. Depending on your group size, your Donor Day can take place over a few hours in one day or over a few days.

The process is easy

Memorial Blood Centers will help you through the simple process of planning your Donor Day.

  1. Gather a group of donors who are committed to donating blood at your Donor Day.
  2. Select your preferred date and donor center location.
  3. Schedule donation appointments for your group by contacting Ravi (612-398-9304), preferably at least two weeks ahead of your preferred date.
  4. Make your Donor Day unique by bringing decorations or treats, such as cake or balloons!

Get Started

To learn more, contact Ravi Katkar, Donor Site Representative, by email or at 612-398-9304.