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Areas of Need

Everyday Life-saving Operations

As Minnesota’s community blood center, Memorial Blood Centers (MBC) works to fulfill our commitment to help save and sustain lives by providing blood products and biomedical services to over 30 area hospital partners and 13 air ambulance services throughout the region.

To continue to partner with our generous blood donors, blood drive sponsors, hospital and clinic partners, and others throughout the healthcare industry, we need not only eligible blood donors—we require everyday operational funding.

Financial gifts support MBC’s 10 donation centers, help us run thousands of community blood drives, and allow us to conduct extensive testing on each unit of donated blood. These financial gifts help ensure our community’s blood supply remains safe and stable, and helps MBC reach eligible donors across Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Ways to Give

We appreciate any financial gift you’re able to make. Should you require any further resources please contact the MBC Office of Philanthropy team.

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