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MBC for Generations to Come

Welcome to Memorial Blood Centers' (MBC) 2022 end-of-year campaign and thank you for playing a part in saving lives like Katherine's

Katherine's family is thankful to have you help support Memorial Blood Centers, so she can live a healthy life with her family. Your financial donation truly makes you part of life-changing stories that take place daily in our community.

The challenges and obstacles facing the community blood supply have not ended as we transition to a post-pandemic world. But, with your financial support, the opportunities to continue our lifesaving work are limitless. Your financial gift will make a difference!

**Note: Please be assured that all funds from your donation stay in MBC's local Community.

Discover a Cause You Would Like to Fund

  • MBC Annual Fund

    To deliver the gifts of our generous blood donors to our hospital and clinic partners, and others throughout the healthcare industry, funding is needed for everyday lifesaving operations. Your financial donation provides MBC with the flexibility to allocate resources toward our most immediate needs, which allows us to provide the greatest impact in our community. With the blood donation landscape changing, MBC faces increased expenditures related to recruiting blood donors and operating our donor centers. 

  • New and Updated Blood Donor Centers

    Since the pandemic, blood donor behavior has shifted. Prior to 2020, half of our blood collections came from community blood drives, and half from blood centers. We are now collecting only 32% from community blood drives and 68% from blood centers. Your financial donation will support the procurement of an additional donor site and upgrades to current centers. 

    With the community’s support, we can update fixed sites in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Individual and corporate donations are crucial and will help us maintain and improve these blood donor sites.

  • New and Updated 2023 Blood Donor Bus

    Buses allow us to serve communities that may not have a physical location to host a blood drive or to help us host smaller drives.  Your gift toward a Donor Bus will allow MBC to provide access to an expanded population and diverse neighborhoods.  Our buses can be branded with sponsor logos, showcasing the sponsor’s commitment to public health and blood science in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. 

  • New Blood Transport Vehicles

    MBC maintains a small fleet of vehicles to transport blood products from our donor centers and community blood drives to our laboratory for testing and to deliver blood to our hospitals. These vehicles operate 24/7/365 to meet the needs of our hospital partners. Your financial gift toward the procurement and maintenance of new blood transport vehicles ensures that we stay on the road, delivering blood products safely and efficiently to our local community.

Give a Gift in Any Amount Meaningful to You

  • Our Promise to You
    • The Blood Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID: 131949477.

    • Your tax-deductible gift will be recognized with a personalized thank-you letter from our Vice President Kathy Geist. 

    • If you mail us a check, in order to protect it's security, MBC will process all funds through Bank of America Inc., Boston, MA. Please be assured that all funds from your donation stay in MBC's local community. 

  • Donate by Mail
    • To make a gift by mail, please make your check payable to Memorial Blood Centers and mail it to us at:

      Memorial Blood Centers
      P.O. BOX 419354
      Boston, MA 02241-9354

      *Note: To protect the security of your check, MBC has all funds processed by Bank of America in Boston, MA. Please be assured that all funds from your donation stay in our local communities.

  • Donate by Text
    • The easiest and quickest option to give a financial gift toward MBC's end-of-year annual appeal is to TEXT the word MBC22 to 20222 to Donate $50 Now. 

  • Donate by Phone
    • To make a gift by phone via credit card or to ask questions about donating money to MBC, please contact a Fund Development Team member at: 651.332.7228.

  • Questions?
    • We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact a MBC Office of Fund Development team member by emailing us at Fundraising@mbc.org, or by filling out a Contact Us Form.