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Make a Financial Contribution

Memorial Blood Centers has been saving and sustaining lives since 1948 as an independent nonprofit supplying life-saving blood to area hospitals and other partners throughout the U.S.

Patients in our local hospitals—from chemotherapy patients to premature babies—depend on donated blood to save and sustain their lives. Your financial gift helps us reach even more blood donors in our community.

Only 38% of people are eligible to give blood—and among eligible donors, only 7% do give. While there are many reasons someone may not donate blood, there are other, equally impactful ways to help. Your financial support helps us provide critical healthcare services to our communities, from maintaining an adequate blood supply, to collecting, testing and distributing that blood to hospitals.

We appreciate any financial gift you’re able to make. If you have any questions or should you require any additional resources, please contact the MBC Office of Philanthropyteam.

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