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Clinical Trials

Memorial Blood Centers strives to enhance our leadership in the field of blood and biomedical services as we deliver a variety of blood products and services. We partner with pharmaceutical and medical device companies, educational institutions, and others to advance the scientific study of new techniques and technologies for the blood industry. Our highly-skilled staff brings extensive experience working with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) to ensure proper study oversight, and works closely with clients to capture every detail of the study’s requirements, including protocol design.

Our dedication to quality ensures Standard Operating Procedures are strictly implemented and followed, current Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards are adhered to throughout each project, and our service commitments are delivered to every client, every time. When experience and expertise matter most, Memorial Blood Centers stands behind our success in managing a variety of research projects and clinical trials, including: 

  • Validating new disease markers
  • Evaluating transfusion collection devices
  • Patient testing with new reagents
  • Providing blood components for research

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Vanessa Reynolds, Research and Regulatory Affairs Supervisor.

Are you interested in participating in a research study?
Memorial Blood Centers actively recruits participants for research that support our mission to save lives by providing blood and biomedical solutions. Review our Active Research Studies to see if you qualify for any current clinical trials.