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Blood Products

Ensuring cost-effective product delivery & patient safety

Memorial Blood Centers maintains the highest levels of safety and quality with a dedication to delivering personal attention, customized solutions, and the right product, the right type—whenever and wherever it is needed.

Recognized for our commitment to continuous improvement and customer service as a Minnesota Quality Award winner, we consistently look for ways to streamline processes, maximize cost-efficiencies, and provide price-competitive products with reliability and 24/7 convenience: 

  • Hospital Services

    Whole Blood
    Red Blood Cells

    • Leukoreduced 

    • Apheresis Red Blood Cells 

    • Autologous-Directed Units 

    • Irradiated 

    • Designated 

    • Rare Red Cells 


    • Frozen Plasma (8 hour) 

    • Pheresis Plasma 

    • Cryoprecipitate 

    • Jumbo Cryoprecipitate 

    • Cryo-Poor Plasma 

    • Jumbo Cryo-Poor Plasma 

    • Fresh Frozen Pediatric Unit 


    • Platelet Pheresis 

    • Leukoreduced 

    • Pooled Platelets (pools of 5 WB LR random platelets) 

    • Whole Blood Derived Platelets 

    • Irradiated 

    • HLA-Matched Platelets 

    • HPA-1a Negative Platelets 

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    For more about how Memorial Blood Centers can meet the needs of your hospital or clinic for blood products and testing services, please contact Kelly Gillaspie at 402-486-9409.

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    • OnlineHospital Portal

    • Fax Routine Fax Order Formto:

      • (Metro): 651-332-7004

      • (Northland): 218-740-1521

    • STAT by Phone

      • (Metro): 651-332-7108

      • (Northland): 218-740-1520

    • Blood Products by Phone

      • (Metro): 651-332-7108

      • (Northland): 218-740-1520

  • HPC

    Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells (HPC) 

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    Contact our HPC laboratory

  • Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) Products
    • Rare Red Cell Units 

    • HLA-Matched Platelets 

    • HPA-1a Negative Platelets 

    Request information

    Maisee Her, Manager, Immunohematology Reference Lab, 651-332-7134. Or contact a member of the IRL staff for general information at 651-332-7125. 

    Place an order 
    Fax your completed Request for Ref Lab Testing form to 651-332-7008.

  • Research
    • Mononuclear Cells 

    • Out-Dated Packed Red Blood Cells 

    • Fresh Frozen Plasma 

    • Cryo-Poor Plasma 

    • Out-Dated Apheresis Platelets 

    • In-Dated Whole Blood 

    • In-Dated Red Blood Cells 

    • In-Dated Apheresis Platelets 

    • Blood Samples 

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    Email: Research

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