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Susie’s memory of her father, whose life was extended by platelet transfusions, is strengthened with every donation.

Life turned upside-down for the Jones family in March 2005. 75-year-old Richard Jones was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer. As part of his treatment, this father of five daughters immediately began to receive blood transfusions. When someone asked the Jones daughters if they’d consider replenishing the supply, Susie stepped forward.

Susie Jones had known about blood drives and had always planned to donate. She just never got around to it. Her work day, as a reporter and co-host of the “Pat Miles Show” airing on WCCO Radio at the time, began very early. So Susie decided that she’d donate regularly on her way home, in the early afternoon every couple of months.

“Some volunteer efforts are hard to commit to,” she comments, “but this is easy and takes very little time. Donating has simply become a relaxing part of my life. And I like to donate in my father’s honor. It’s an important way to be of service.”

Susie has since expanded her commitment and has begun donating platelets. “Even though the process to donate platelets does take longer–about two hours–it gives me time for a movie or just to relax between work and when the kids get home.”