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Tough Like Ike

“We never thought we would walk the cancer path, but thanks to blood donors who helped keep our son Ike alive, we had a good chance of beating this thing.” —Ike's mom

Stories of living and giving

Trey Blaylark

The change is dramatic and immediate. Healthy blood brings Trey out of sickle cell agony to an active life free of pain.

Ralph Douglass

Recently inducted into the 100-Gallon Club, Ralph has a deep sense of commitment, knowing that his donated platelets help patients in local hospitals.

Sully Kile

Blood isn’t just there for people who have lost it. It’s there for people who don’t have enough—like Sully undergoing emergency surgery at birth.



Donated blood gives hope to patients in need. Read their stories.



Meet some of our donors who help save and sustain the lives of hospital patients.



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