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  • What is iDonate℠?

    iDonate is a convenient way for blood donors to answer required health history questions on the day of their donation. The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes. Save time by completing it online before your donation.

  • How does it work?

    Visit MBC.ORG/iDonate on the day of your donation to review donor education materials and complete your health history questionnaire. At the end of the questionnaire, you'll receive a receipt with a QR code. Show your receipt containing your QR code to your Donor Specialist at your donation, and your responses will be scanned. 

  • When can I complete iDonate℠?

    iDonate must be completed on the day of your donation. If the questionnaire is completed prior to 12:00 AM on the day of your donation, you will have to complete the questionnaire again at the time of your donation. 

  • Can I complete iDonate℠ on my phone?

    Yes, iDonate can be completed on a phone, tablet, or desktop.  

  • Do I need to have an appointment to complete iDonate℠?

    No, you do not need to have an appointment scheduled to complete iDonate. However, Memorial Blood Centers recommends scheduling an appointment prior to completing iDonate. 

  • Are my responses confidential?

    Yes. The QR code printed on your receipt can only be read by our staff. Questions and reasons for deferral are also kept confidential. 

  • Does iDonate℠ tell me if I’m eligible to donate?

    No, iDonate does not determine final eligibility. Our staff will review your iDonate responses at the time of your donation and ask follow-up questions, if necessary, to determine eligibility. 

  • Does iDonate℠ save my responses?

    No, iDonate does not save responses. Your receipt containing your QR code is needed for staff to access your responses.

  • What if I answer a question incorrectly?

    You have the opportunity to correct your answers at any time during the questionnaire by selecting the “Review” button. If you have already completed the questionnaire and printed your receipt, notify a Donor Specialist of your desire to change an answer. 

  • Will I have to answer the health history questions again when I arrive to donate?

    Typically no. In rare cases, you may have to answer the questions again if:  

    • Your iDonate receipt is lost or the QR code cannot be read at time of donation. 

    • iDonate is not completed on the same day as your donation. 

    • Memorial Blood Centers’ computer systems are down at the time of your donation. 

  • Does iDonate℠ ask different questions than I’d be asked in-person at my donation?

    No, iDonate asks the same questions that you are asked in-person at your donation. 

  • How do I get my iDonate℠ receipt?

    After you complete iDonate, the system generates a QR code receipt that can be printed, saved, or emailed. You may also choose to screenshot or bookmark the receipt on your phone. You’ll need to display the QR code at your donation. 

  • What happens if I lose my iDonate℠ receipt?

    If your receipt is lost, you will be asked to complete your health history questionnaire at your donation. 

  • What if I have trouble accessing iDonate?

    If you have technical difficulty using iDonate, we encourage you to try it on a different device. iDonate is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Memorial Blood Centers makes iDonate available securely to all internet users. Some employer or service provider networks may restrict access to iDonate, in which case you are encouraged to contact the technical support team at your organization.

  • Why do I have to answer health history questions every time I donate?

    Every donor completes the health history questionnaire at every donation to help ensure the safety of the blood supply. Having the most up to date and accurate information on the day of your donation helps protect you, the donor, as well as the recipient of your generous gift. 

Let us know what you think about iDonate. Your feedback is welcome, and will be key to ensuring the most convenient and efficient interview process possible. Please contact us to send us your comments.