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Laboratory Careers at Memorial Blood Centers

Why start your career with Memorial Blood Centers? 

It's rewarding!
Surveys of our team members have shown that the biggest reason they choose to stay at Memorial Blood Centers is our mission to save lives. 

Grow with us
Memorial Blood Centers is committed to keeping our employees happy, and we want you to remain with us as you grow your career. With promotional opportunities across various disciplines, there are plenty of options for advancement.

We’ve got perks
We've got excellent employee benefits, including health and life insurance to 403(b) retirement packages, education reimbursement, and paid vacation and sick time. 

Laboratory positions
Our St. Paul laboratory receives and processes around 200 whole blood units each day. Learn more about our critical and rewarding lab positions below or visit our hiring page to see openings.

  • Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (Blood Bank Serologists)
    • Highly trained SBB Certified (Specialist in Blood Banking) Technicians work in our Immunohematology Reference Lab (IRL)
    • These specialists consult with our hospitals and clients to perform serological antibody investigations – that can range from routine cases to highly complex and challenging cases. 
    • Provide antigen-negative donor units
    • Offer red blood cell and platelet compatibility testing services
    • Respond to requests for rare donor units from the American Rare Donor Program (ARDP)
    • This lab also houses our Reagent Donor Program which supplies biotech companies with red cells.
  • Component Laboratory Technicians
    • Component laboratory technicians use centrifuge equipment to separate whole blood into its various components.
    • Apheresis platelet products are received by the lab and further processed. The lab performs quality control testing on these products using hematology analyzers, pH meters, and white blood cell counting technologies. This ensures the products are safe for transfusion.
    • The Component Lab monitors the platelets for bacterial contaminants.
    • The Component Lab also performs complex manufacturing tasks to produce specialty products, such as cryoprecipitate, which provides clotting factors for bleeding disorders. 
  • Donor Testing Technicians
    • Donor testing technicians perform blood typing on donor samples, which identifies the ABO type and a positive or negative Rh factor.
    • These technicians are trained on numerous instruments to screen the donated blood for transfusion-transmitted diseases, such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV, babesia, West Nile virus, and syphilis.
    • The donor testing laboratory receives blood samples from all over the country – from as far away as Alaska and the east coast as well as locally. It operates 24/7/365 and is FDA, CLIA, and AABB accredited.
    • Last year our donor testing laboratory completed over 5 million tests!
    • Technicians also provide customer service by sending result reports, communicating appropriate sample types, notifying clients of specimen issues and so on.

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