The need is great. The rewards are many.

Please help us meet the needs of our hospital partners and the patients, donors, and communities we serve. Volunteer where your contribution of time and energy can help save lives. Whether delivering blood to one of our partner hospitals or ensuring the well-being of generous donors after they have made a life-saving gift, Memorial Blood Centers welcomes you to consider the role you can play in helping us make life possible for those in need.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities

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  • A-Team Volunteer

  • Blood Transport Driver

  • Blood Typist

  • Café Host

  • Community Ambassador

  • Donor Center Greeter

  • Mascot ABO Joe

  • Materials Handler

  • Donor Recruitment Communications Assistant

Still more ways to make a difference...

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  • Coordinate a Donor Day

  • Host a blood drive

  • Be a blood donor

  • Make a financial gift


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