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Release of Likeness

Maggie dedicates her skills and talents to the mission of Memorial Blood Centers because blood transfusions saved her life.

Driving back to college after celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday at home, Maggie Schneider’s car hit a patch of ice and spun out of control. “I ended up rolling eight times—more than 200 yards—at high speed,” she recalls. “I must have hit my head right away, because I don’t remember rolling. The next thing I remember is having my head in the passenger seat and my leg through the driver-side window.”

“Fortunately, the first person at the scene was an off-duty nurse,” Maggie added. “I had a dislocated knee which is considered a medical emergency because there is a major artery in your knee—an artery that was severed. She put a tourniquet on my leg and called 911.” With more critical injuries that included a torn artery, shattered femur, fractured collarbone, and broken tailbone, pelvis, upper jaw, and ribs that punctured her lung, Maggie was airlifted immediately to a Level 1 Trauma hospital. In the hours that followed, she received an enormous amount of blood as doctors worked to save her life.

“I’ve had 21 surgeries so far and many different procedures,” she said, “so I’ve received a lot of blood over time. I never really understood the importance of giving blood before. I used to give because my mother did, but didn’t think about it. Now I realize that in just four or five minutes, you can make a big impact. The difference you make is what saved my life.”

After taking a year off to recuperate, Maggie returned to the University of Michigan to complete her degree. And despite the challenges of recovery, she began to volunteer at Memorial Blood Centers as soon as she was able.

Today, she works here because blood transfusions saved her life and she believes in our mission. As Maggie says, “If blood transfusions weren’t available, I know I wouldn’t be here. I would not be alive today if weren't for blood donors. Period.”

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