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Release of Likeness

A family is together today because generous blood donors saved baby Saher’s life.

Although born 10 weeks early, twin sisters, Saher and Zyva, were both healthy little girls and the delight of their parents and older brother, Aayan. Just two months later, however, their lives—and the lives of everyone in their new family—would be changed forever.

Cradled in her mother’s arms, Saher, the older but smaller of the twins, was being fed when her small body went limp. Immediately identifying that she had stopped breathing, the twin’s visiting grandmother, a retired doctor, began CPR on Saher’s tiny body. An ambulance frantically drove the precious baby’s lifeless body to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis where doctors determined that Saher had a dangerous combination of iron deficiency and apnea. As a result, Saher required blood over the next five days in order to save her young life.

Thanks to generous blood donors, today Saher is still growing and playing with her beloved father, mother, brother, and twin sister. As each important milestone in her life is reached—her first step, first words, and the first time she is told the story of how her family, doctors and nurses, and generous anonymous blood donors saved her life, this family will be reminded of the huge impact the seemingly small gift of a blood donation can make.

“The entire ordeal left us even more thankful that generous donors and Memorial Blood Centers staff ensure the blood that saved Saher was available when she needed it,” says the twin’s father. “It will always be difficult to think about what we could have lost that day. But because of our experience, we are even more thankful for every moment our family spends together. We will never take for granted the joy our children bring us or forget those we have to thank for keeping our family whole.”