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Release of Likeness

Jim never expected to be the recipient—only the donor.

Blood Recipient, JimAfter a routine surgical procedure in December 2010, Jim experienced uncontrolled internal bleeding. He was hospitalized for almost a month, mostly in ICUs and NPO, because his doctors needed to be able to operate again at a moment's notice. Because he was bleeding so much, he received 17 transfusions over a five-week period. His daughter organized a blood drive at her place of business and continues it to this day, for which he's eternally grateful. His wife, Sue, a health care professional, donates frequently.

"Eventually, I recovered," said Jim. "I am a member of the 5 gallon club, but hadn't donated in a while. I finally was able to resume my donations last week and I will continue to do so for as long as I can. I am extremely grateful to the donors who provided me with lifesaving blood. I never expected to be the recipient; only the donor. That has changed. My donations in the future have a completely different meaning. I am healthy again and I want to make that happen for others in my situation."