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Release of Likeness

“I am grateful for blood donors for giving people like me the opportunity to get back to what we love. Thank you for giving me a second chance.”
—Dan Edmondson, train accident survivor and blood recipient

When Dan Edmondson was looking for a shortcut, he didn’t expect his entire life would take a detour. Trekking across town along the train tracks was a choice Dan had made many times while growing up, but this time he would not reach his intended destination. When Dan leapt from the freight train car his jacket became caught, dragging him nearly 30 yards.

“It was my own dumb mistake. I jumped on a train and almost died jumping off,” Dan told a group of Memorial Blood Centers’ employees about the loss of both his legs below the knee. Now Dan not only walks differently, but his purpose in life has been renewed.

“Every day is now a reminder to me. A reminder that blood donors helped save my life.” Dan received eight units of blood during his initial days in the hospital. He would endure months of pain, both physically and mentally, as he learned to walk again with his prosthetics.

“Knowing I received so much help from so many strangers gave me the drive to keep going in my rehabilitation and see how far I could take my new life.” Dan continues, “As I move forward, I think about all the things I’ve done since I lost my legs. I imagine not having those experiences or having the opportunity to give back. I truly believe blood donors gave me a second chance at life.”

Today, because of Dan’s accident and the gift he was given, he seeks to fulfill his adventurous side another way—by sharing his story. “Giving blood is not for you, it’s for someone else. It’s hard for us to be empathetic when we don’t have everyday reminders of who is receiving donated blood, and we aren’t always thinking that maybe one day I’ll be the person who needs blood.”

Chances are we will all know a friend, neighbor, family member, or co-worker who needs a blood transfusion. In fact, 1 out of 3 people will need blood in their lifetime. Learn more about how you can make a life-saving difference in 4 easy steps