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Release of Likeness

Three sisters and their mom whose lives are being saved and enriched because generous blood donors continue to give the priceless gifts they need to battle a genetic immune disorder.

Early on, first-time parents Sarah and Nick Condon knew something wasn’t right when infant daughter Kianna began an ever-worsening round of infections and illnesses. Then bronchiolitis and lung problems related to Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) put little Kianna in real danger. She stopped breathing.

“We weren’t sure Kianna was going to make it and, of course, were completely overjoyed that she recovered,” commented Sarah. “Little did we know, however, that was just the beginning of a very long and difficult road for her—and for all of us, as it turned out.”

More chronic ear infections, tonsillitis, and pneumonia followed. Kianna underwent her first of three sinus surgeries at three-years-old. Ultimately she was diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency (PI)—a genetic, often inherited, disorder of the body’s defense system against attacks by germs and other “foreign” invaders—and began receiving ongoing Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) infusions to replace the essential antibodies her immune system was lacking.

“When the immunologist suggested that Kianna’s twin sisters, Annabelle and Kaylee, get tested, Nick and I were completely in denial,” Sarah added. “Even though the twins had been battling rare and chronic illnesses, much like Kianna had, we didn’t want to believe it could be true. But, of course, it was.”

Annabelle began IVIG treatments immediately. Kaylee began a regimen of immunization boosters and prophylactic antibiotics, anticipating that an inevitable routine of IVIG treatments is in her future as well.

And then it was mom’s turn. “Through the great care we always received at the immunologist’s office, the staff noticed that I was often sick when I would bring in the girls and strongly suggested I get tested. No surprise that the results came back indicating I have PI, too. Now Kianna, Annabelle, and I receive regular immunoglobulin replacement treatments—monthly infusions made up of antibodies derived from plasma which, in turn, give us the gift of life.”

Unsure of what the future will bring, the Condons take life day-by-day, living every day to the fullest. Sarah’s mom donates regularly, including donations of platelets. And together, they welcome and thank blood donors at community blood drives. Aware of the priceless antibodies other blood donors provide to Sarah, Kianna, Annabelle—and someday Kaylee—the Condon family is extremely grateful to all who help keep their loving family together.

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