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Release of Likeness

Surgery repaired Andy’s injuries, but donated blood saved his life.

To those who meet young entrepreneur Andy Weyrauch, his horseshoe-shaped scar is not immediately noticeable. Andy says he rarely sees it himself any more, adding, “It used to bother me but now I don’t notice it very much. Considering the accident I was in, I’m very fortunate to have only a small scar to show for it.”

The summer before his sophomore year in college, Andy was working as a captain for a tourist cruise boat company. Then a car accident on a rural road left him with a laceration from hitting his head on the windshield. “I lost a substantial amount of blood in addition to having a concussion,” he recalls. “I didn’t know before the accident, but there’s an artery in your forehead. I needed too many stitches to count—I’d estimate 75 or so.” Twenty-four hours later, Andy was fortunate enough to leave the hospital.

In 2006, Andy met a Memorial Blood Centers recruiter through a business networking group who encouraged Andy to begin donating blood. Now Andy makes sure that he finds time to donate every 56 days. “Being in an accident makes you realize that the blood you give could be going to your next-door neighbor or someone else you might know. It’s not something I would have thought to do with my spare time before but now I will definitely continue to be a donor.”

Today, his busy schedule is packed with running his own property management company, being responsible for 600 apartment units in downtown Duluth, and enjoying an active lifestyle, which includes mountain biking and running. Andy married his lovely wife Jacqueline in July 2008 and they have since welcomed a young daughter, Sophia Marie, into their family.