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Release of Likeness

When cancer threatened Ana’s life, generous blood donors gave her a life-saving gift and another chance at life.

Shortly after returning from summer camp, 11-year-old Ana found herself getting frequent, severe headaches. And then one day, she couldn’t open her eyes because of the pain. Her parents sought immediate medical advice and several MRIs and CAT scans later, the problem was revealed: Ana had a brain stem tumor the size of a golf ball. A painful year of chemotherapy and life-saving blood transfusions followed.

Although their blood types were not compatible with Ana’s, her mother, father, and grandmother began donating blood regularly. Grateful to those who donated the type of blood that matched Ana’s when she needed it most, they recognized the critical need that other patients face and gave to save the lives of those in need.

Now a freshman in high school, Ana’s tumor has been reduced to the size of a pea and she is monitored regularly through follow-up appointments with her doctors. Ana says she feels great, loves going to school, and one day wants to be a video game programmer. She explains her passion for video games, “When I was sick, I played a lot of games. My favorite is Nintendo DS. I love adventure stories!”