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Release of Likeness

“Had I not received donated blood, I would not be here with my husband today, raising our twin daughters and experiencing the joy of family.” – Amy Koski

Amy and Justin Koski were ecstatic to learn they were going to be first-time parents. Even more so when they learned they were expecting twins! “Knowing we were going to be having two little ones, not just one, made us think more carefully about the pregnancy as well as the delivery,” Amy recalls. “We naturally took extra precautions. For example, we were careful to choose a hospital that had easy access to critical care pediatrics, thinking we might need that in case there were any issues when the babies were born.”

Fortunately, after a completely uneventful pregnancy, delivery day arrived and two beautiful little girls, Mercy and Grace, were born—both perfectly healthy. According to Amy, “We were thrilled that there were no complications with the twins, of course. On the other hand, with all the care and planning we did, it never occurred to us that I might be the one in need of extra care.” But extra care was exactly what Amy required as she spent five days in the intensive care unit (ICU) fighting for her life.

During her C-section delivery, Amy’s placenta did not completely separate from her uterus, resulting in placenta accreta—a potentially life-threatening condition that often causes massive obstetric hemorrhage. Affecting approximately one in every 500 pregnancies, as many as 90% of patients with this condition require blood transfusions, and 40% require 10 units or more of red blood cells to survive. For Amy, it took 14 units of blood and blood products over the course of her five-day stay in ICU to stabilize her and stop the bleeding.

“Although I’d been donating for years, until I was the one in desperate need of multiple blood transfusions I’d never fully understood the impact that blood donation has,” Amy said. “But the reality is that my husband has a wife and my daughters have a mother as a direct result of the generosity of volunteer blood donors. Had I not received donated blood, I would not be here today. ”

“My grandfather is a life-long blood donor—a member of the 6-gallon club—and from early on he taught us the importance of giving back,” Amy continued. “He’s the reason I started donating in high school when I was 16-years-old and why, as soon as I am allowed to, I’ll be back donating again on a regular basis. It’s one way anyone can literally save a life.”

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