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Release of Likeness

Complications during childbirth didn’t stop Amy from building a life with her family, thanks to the generosity of blood donors.

After more than ten years together as a family, Amy and Scott Hockenbrock are grateful to blood donors for saving Amy’s life—a life now shared with children Hunter, age 11 and Hannah, age 7.

When the Hockenbrocks heard that Memorial Blood Centers was bringing its new bloodmobile to the neighborhood where Scott worked, they jumped at the chance to donate blood. “I had been talking about donating blood since Hunter’s birth but hadn’t done it until Memorial Blood Centers came to us. Now I plan on donating on a regular basis,” says Amy.

Amy knows first-hand how donated blood saves lives because generous donors saved hers. During childbirth with son Hunter, Amy developed a complication called placenta accreta, a condition that affects 1 in every 2,500 pregnancies. Twelve hours after Hunter arrived, Amy was undergoing emergency surgery because of severe hemorrhaging and very low blood pressure. “They almost lost me but fortunately they had available all the blood I needed and I pulled through it!” she exclaims appreciatively. When four years later Amy experienced the same complications when daughter Hannah was born, doctors were prepared to treat her condition immediately after delivery—again, thanks to volunteer blood donors.

Amy thoroughly enjoys her life with her family. The Hockenbrocks like to camp and recently built a house in the woods. And Amy is especially thankful to blood donors. “I love the fact that I can watch my kids grow up,” she says.