Educational support

Client hospitals partnering with Memorial Blood Centers benefit from a variety of staff development opportunities, including:

  • In-service training of hospital laboratory staff in both the theory and science of lab testing and screening, including single and multiple antibody identification, patient phenotyping, donor unit antigen typing, and panagglutinating antibodies
  • An annual workshop offering hospital staff a chance to engage with Reference Lab technologists in exploring highly-informative cases that highlight a challenging problem, a finding that advances our knowledge of the field, or a recently-proven testing procedure

Technical advisory conferences (TAMS) and AABB-sponsored audio conferences, available free of charge to Memorial Blood Center client partners, also help keep hospital staff up-to-date on the latest industry developments


AABB Webinar Schedule*


AABB Webinar

Wednesday, March 7th

Highs & Lows (and Everything In Between) Detection of Antibodies to High and Low-Incidence Antigens in Transfusion Medicine”

Tuesday, March 13th

“Hemovigilance 101”

Tuesday, May 2nd

Utilizing Employee Engagement to Reduce Turnover”

Wednesday, May 16th

“Pathogen Reduction - Blood Center & Hospital Perspectives and Lessons Learned”

Wednesday, August 15th

“Case Studies on RhD Genotyping in Pregnancy”

Wednesday, Sept. 12th

Immunohematology Boot Camp: Duffy”

 Wednesday, Oct 3rd

QC Conundrums in the Blood Bank”

Wednesday, Nov 14th

“Addressing Common Citations from AABB and CAP”

*Dates listed may not appear on our LMS until 2-3 days later.

These educational events are planned and designed with the hospital laboratory staff in mind, however everyone is welcome to attend any session.  Please let Jen White or Angela Engblom know of any additional topics that you would like included in your area’s educational meeting(s).

Jen White:651-332-7109

Angela Engblom:218-740-1525