HCT/P testing

More than 120 HCT/P providers from across the U.S. choose Memorial Blood Centers for quality testing services. In close partnership with reproductive medicine providers, cryobanks, university stem cell programs and biotech firms, we deliver:

  • A comprehensive menu of FDA-approved tests, including a male and female test panels for reproductive medicine providers and cryobanks
  • Rapid and accurate results to meet the critical timing needs of our customers

Regulated and licensed by the FDA to conduct HCT/P testing, Memorial Blood Centers uses only FDA-approved test kits to test donors of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products.

IMPORTANT INDUSTRY NEWS: Requirements for West Nile Virus Testing

The FDA has issued a guidance for industry that describes the FDA’s approach to reducing the risk of transmission of West Nile Virus (WNV) from living donors of HCT/Ps. The FDA is recommending the use of an FDA-licensed NAT to test living donors on HCT/Ps recovered from June 1st through October 31st every year. For establishments intending to import HCT/Ps into the United States, the FDA recommends that donors be tested year-round for WNV by NAT. 

A copy of the guidance can be downloaded here. Memorial Blood Centers’ donor testing menu includes an FDA-cleared WNV test.

HCT/P screening tests

HBsAg EIA    Antibody to HIV 1/2 plus O EIA 
Antibody to HBc (Total) EIA  Antibody to HCV EIA 
Antibody to HTLV I/II EIA  Syphilis Screen
Antibody to CMV (Total)  NAT Multiplex (HIV/HCV/HBV) PCR
West Nile Virus NAT  Chlamydia trachomatis  PCR
   Neisseria gonorrhoeae  PCR

Confirmatory/supplemental testing is also available on select screening tests listed above, including:

HIV-1 Western Blot  HIV-2 EIA 
HIV-2 Immunoblot  HBsAg Neutralization 
Anti-HCV CHLIA  Antibody to CMV IgM ELISA
ChLia HCV      Antibody to CMV IgG ELISA
HRV Blot 2.4  Abbott Chagas ESA

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