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HCT/P testing

More than 150 HCT/P providers from across the U.S. choose Memorial Blood Centers—one of only two sites that test for the National Marrow Donor Program—for quality testing services. In close partnership with independent clinics and cryobanks, academic medical facilities and stem cell programs, we deliver:

  • A comprehensive menu of tests, including a male and female test panel for infertility clinics and cryobanks
  • Rapid and accurate results to meet the critical timing needs of reproductive medicine professionals

Regulated and licensed by the FDA to conduct HCT/P testing, Memorial Blood Centers uses only FDA-approved test kits to test donors of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products.

HCT/P screening tests

HBsAg EIA                                         Antibody to HIV 1/2 plus O EIA
Antibody to HBc (Total) EIA              Antibody to HCV EIA
Antibody to HTLV I/II EIA                 Syphilis Screen
Antibody to CMV (Total)                    Multiplex (HIV/HCV/HBV) PCR
West Nile Virus PCR                           Chlamydia trachomatis  PCR
Neisseria gonorrhoeae  PCR

Confirmatory/supplemental testing is also available on select screening tests listed above, including:

HIV-1 Western Blot                            HIV-2 EIA
HBsAg Neutralization                         Syphilis FTA
HTLV Immunoblot                              Antibody to CMV IgM ELISA
Antibody to CMV IgG ELISA               

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