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Donor Testing

FDA licensed and compliant with European Union (EU) standards for blood manufacturing and testing, Memorial Blood Centers’ advanced laboratory facilities and expert staff provide a comprehensive menu of screening and confirmatory testing services to help ensure a safe and stable blood supply that protects donors and recipients.

Donor Screening Assays

HBsAg EIA                                         Antibody to HIV 1/2 plus O EIA
Antibody to HBc (Total) EIA              Antibody to HCV EIA
Antibody to HTLV I/II EIA                 Antibody to T. cruzi  EIA
Syphilis Screen                                  Antibody to CMV (Total)
ABO/Rh                                             Unexpected Red Cell Antibody Screen
Multiplex (HIV/HCV/HBV) PCR           West Nile Virus PCR

Confirmatory/supplemental testing is also available on select screening tests listed above, including:

HIV-1 Western Blot                           HIV-2 EIA
HBsAg Neutralization                        HTLV Immunoblot             
T. cruzi  RIPA             
Syphilis FTA