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December 2013 • Published in The Daily Press, Ashland WI

A Season of Giving Back
Appropriately called “the season of giving”, this time of year is typically filled with holiday celebrations surrounded by gift-giving - but not all gifts can be wrapped and put under the tree. This year, as you make those lists and check them twice, we ask you to consider adding a different type of gift to your holiday list – the gift of life.

Through blood donation, each donor plays an important role in a patient’s life by ensuring holiday celebrations continue for years to come. And as the primary blood supplier of Memorial Medical Center in Ashland, we rely on the generosity of blood donors to continue to meet the needs of our hospital partners.

Consider taking an alternative approach to gift-giving by rolling up your sleeve. In just one hour, your priceless gift can help save and sustain as many as three lives. Thank you in advance for helping Memorial Blood Centers put the “GIVING” back in “the season of giving!"

It’s easy to step up and save live right here in your community. Make an appointment online by visiting Donate Blood and clicking the Schedule Now button to schedule a donation. You can also search by zip code for a community blood drive or schedule an appointment to donate in December at one of our donor centers most convenient to you.

Jed Gorlin, M.D. is Medical Director and Vice President, Medical and Quality Affairs for Memorial Blood Centers. Elizabeth Perry, M.D. is Associate Medical Director for Memorial Blood Centers.

Send us your questions. Call us today 1-888-GIVE-BLD (888-448-3253) to schedule an appointment, or to find out more about Memorial Blood Centers and how we partner with the Ashland community to save lives. You also can also learn more at About Us.
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