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High School Programs

Every two seconds, someone needs blood—from premature infants to organ transplant recipients, cancer patients to accident victims. And with 16-year olds eligible to donate (with Parental Consent), young people play an ever-more critical role in ensuring that we are able to provide a safe and steady community blood supply. With Memorial Blood Centers- school administrators, faculty advisors, and students alike have an experienced and dedicated partner working to develop the next generation of leaders.

Over 100 high schools throughout the Twin Cities metro area, greater Minnesota, and northwestern Wisconsin annually partner with us to help young people build a life-long commitment to community service as blood donors and as leaders in organizing and conducting successful school-sponsored blood drives.

Two unique program components—Student Scholarships and the High School Blood Drive Workshop—provide education, training, recognition, and financial support to graduating seniors in their post-high school academic pursuits.

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  • Student Scholarships

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