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A leader in saving lives for nearly 70 years

Established in 1948 to honor those who gave their lives in World War II, our private, nonprofit agency was supplying 12 hospitals with blood by January 1950. Today, Memorial Blood Centers serves over 30 hospital partners throughout Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin with life-saving blood and provides technical expertise and services around the world as a leader in transfusion medicine.

Through 10 Donor Centers and hundreds of blood drives each month, Memorial Blood Centers consistently collects thousands of units of blood to help meet the steady demand from our partner hospitals. With each unit of blood helping up to as many as three people, annual donations provide critical support to nearly a half-million friends, family members, neighbors, and others in the communities we serve.

Memorial Blood Centers’ headquarters, located at 737 Pelham Boulevard in St. Paul, Minnesota includes FDA licensed and European Union (EU) compliant scientific laboratories that process well over 100,000 units of blood and perform more than 3 million tests on blood each year.

Founded by volunteers, with governance provided by a volunteer Board of Directors, the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Donald C. Berglund, heads a leadership team that includes: Jeffrey D. Allen, M.B.A., Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer; Kathy Geist, M.B.A., Vice President, Donor Services; Jed Gorlin, M.D., Vice President and Medical Director; and Mark Janzen, Ph.D., Vice President, Laboratory Services.