Double Red Cell Donation

A special automated process, called apheresis (AY-fur-EE-sis), collects two units of red blood cells during a single donation. In just two annual appointments, you can contribute the same number of life-saving red cells as you would from four whole blood donations—in half the visits.

  • Types most needed: O+, O-, A-, B-
  • Type O donors are in high demand, especially O- donors (universal red cell donor) whose red cells can be given to everyone in need
  • Donate two times a year (every six months)
  • Approximate donation time: 1 hour
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Special eligibility requirements apply to double red cell donors, as established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that regulates blood collection throughout the U.S, including:

Gender Min. Weight  Min. Height 
Males  130 lbs.  5' 1" 
Females 150 lbs.  5' 5" 

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Double Red Cell Donation Brochure